Artinis Literature Overview 2019 - Brain research

Let’s rewind and take a look at what 2019 brought us in terms of publications. In 2019, Artinis devices were used in a record number of 256 publications. The OxyMon MKII was used in 83 publications and the PortaLite in 61, making PortaLite the most cited portable brain device in 2019. The OctaMon is also gaining more popularity with 15 citations, and the Brite has already mentioned in 11 papers. We are very proud to see our equipment used in a wide range of scientific research and continue to be inspired by the bright scientists who are our customers. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all the publications last year is the fact that NIRS is no longer navel-gazing as a research field on its own, but it has reached out and found a new audience as a versatile research application that, even more than fMRI, is being used in more and more parallel fields. Taking a step back, we highlight some of the noteworthy elements of 2019’s publications:

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