Physiological Responses to Repeated Running Sprint Ability Tests: A Systematic Review.


The purpose of this study was to review acute physiological responses induced by repeated running sprint ability (RRSA) tests that could serve as references for practitioners utilising repeated sprints as a performance measure with athletes. This research was conducted following the PRISMA methodology. The systematic search was conducted in November 2019 and yielded 26 different scientific articles. Only peer-reviewed full-text article were included as abstracts are too short to allow proper explanation of the RRSAT methodology that was employed. According to the present literature, practitioners should use the following assessments: the 6×40m RRSA protocol with one Change of Direction (COD) (20+20 m with a 180° COD) and 25s of passive recovery between sprints with soccer players; the Intensive Repeated Sprint Ability (IRSA) test with men basketball players; the Futsal Intermittent Endurance Test (FIET) with futsal players; the Repeated Shuttle Sprint Test (RSST) with men handball players; and the Multiple Repeated Sprint Ability test for Badminton players (MRSAB). The present review should serve as a reference standard for RRSA tests. Further research should be directed towards creating and validating more specific RRSA tests protocols to each sports physiological and physical demands.

International journal of exercise science