Diagnosis of testicular torsion using near infrared spectroscopy: A novel diagnostic approach


We report a case of testicular torsion in a 14-month old boy. Testicular ischemia was suspected based on history and clinical presentations. The patient was referred following 24 hours of left acute scrotum. Erythema, swelling and tenderness associated with nausea and emesis were present, but the patient was not febrile. We used a spatially resolved near-infrared spectroscopy (SR-NIRS) device to study and compare the tissue saturation index (TSI) on both right and left spermatic cords. The TSI was significantly reduced in the left side. Both testicles were surgically explored and the left testis was found non-viable with a 1080-degree intravaginal torsion. NIRS monitoring of spermatic cord oxygen saturation appears feasible as a non-invasive bedside optical method to identify testicular torsion. © 2014 Canadian Urological Association.

Journal of the Canadian Urological Association