<title>Real-time noninvasive optical imaging of exercising muscle and brain upon cognitive stimuli</title>


The monitoring of a single muscle location does not reflect the heterogeneity of the muscle groups activation during exercise. In the past, measurements of oxygen consumption (VO2) at single muscle locations could be carried out non-invasively by near-infrared continuous wave spectroscopy (NIRCWS) at rest or during isometric contractions. In the present study, human regional quadriceps (vastus lateralis and rectus femoris) VO2 was investigated at rest and during maximal voluntary contractions using a 12- channel NIRCWS system with an acquisition time of 0.1 s. © (2001) COPYRIGHT SPIE–The International Society for Optical Engineering. Downloading of the abstract is permitted for personal use only.

Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue IV